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>> the presidential candidate in key battle ground and stating their case to supporters and taking shots to each other. the white house, 12 ounces at a time revealing a recipe that something is brews there. the republicans would like to see the recipe for an economic recovery. i a harris falker, we are live in the fox report tonight. swing state mania in between the rnc and dnc convention. the romney/ryan visiting battle ground and hith
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president obama on unemployment. if you have a coach and it is 0 and 23 million. you say it is time to get a new coach. president obama firing back from the place that helped to pro pel him. >> he did not offer a single new idea. just retread to the same old policies that stick it to the middle class for years. fox report live from the campaign trail as presidential race enters a new face. electrical power out hundreds of thousands of merrence in the wake of isaac. efforts are intensifies to take the pressure off a rain soaked damn. the latest and where the storm heads next. also a national landmark reopened after major reconstruction. one that was made us proud.
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♪ 66 days until americans decide whether they want to replace the man in the oval office. and energy coming from both campaigns and making it feel like it is november already. candidates hitting key swing states hard. just a short time ago governor mitt romney and paul ryan in jacksonville, florida . gov romney slamming president obama on possible cuts to our military. >> be there is only one place this president is willing to cut and that is a little. he wants to cut a trillion out of your military budget. like that is bad for jobs and that is bad for our national security f. i am president and paul ryan is vice-president, we will not cut our military
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budget. >> earlier today the romney/ryan ticket in separate events and governor romney stopping with boehner. vowing to work for a balanced budget. the buck eye state is a lynch pen. no republican won the white house without taking ohio. congressman ryan was among the tailgators in the ohio state. the buck eyes beat ryan's red hawks 56-10. >> and president obama doing his best to build momentum heading in the democratic convention. you are looking live in sioux city. it is a four-day tour in north carolina. we have team fox tonight . ed henry is traveling with the president and steve brown with the romney campaign. both candidates.
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and little something for everyone campaign wise . they have long had the reputation of being territory. they will have to maximize the vote. and the undecided in the state of the florida for orlando television stations and invited them to come in and look at the event. the recentlyy so-called persuadable voters. >> define one person who voted for barack obama and they are not there. you can usually tell where they are. on the cars you can see the glue from where the bumper sticker used to be. and you need to go to those guys and find one person that voted for obama and convince them to vote for mitt romney
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and paul ryan. >> there is a belief of getting the obama supporters. >> we are in the gap between the conventions. and the democrats are gearing up . candidates on the republican ticket will head home for a bit. >> they took off an hour ago. paul ryan heading home to janesville, wisconsin and mitt romney heading off to new hampshire. ryan is off to north carolina, that is the day the dnc kicks off . he will be in the eastern part of the state and offering counter programming. romney has three days in vermont to get ready for the debates that happen next month and be with rob portman who agreed to stand in and play barack obama, a role he did for john mccain.
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harris. >> steve brown, reporting for us. thank you very much. presidential candidates in key battle ground states . mr. obama in the key state of iowa as he builds momentum next week. he just finished talking with supporters in sioux city. you are looking at he is still with supporters there. the hawk eye state is key. iowa voted democratic in five of the last 8. and chosen the winner in 6 out of the past eight election and the highlight how important iowa is to this campaign. it is mr. obama's seventh trip and third in two weeks. ed henry traveling with the president tonight . as the president had new attacks he brought out today in mitt romney's big speech. >> he did. i am competing with the president working the rope line .
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springstein on the speakers. the president realize wills that there is only six electorial votes he has to fight for them. he had over 350 electoral votes. this time he could have the race. you go around the map and country. he will fight for everyone of them. while the white house said the president did not watch the republican national convention, he has a lot of opinions about it. he read about it on the ipad and offered this punch a moment ago. >> nobody every bothered in the three days to tell you what the tough choices were going to be. they didn't explain what they are upon going to do. when governor romney to let you know on the secret sauce. he didn't offer a single new idea. it a tread of the same old
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policiless that stuck it to the middle class for yearings you heard him talk a lot about me. you heard them talk about mitt. they didn't talk a lot about you. >> that's a line that we are going to hear in the convention. especially the big speech when he accepts the nomination. it is going to be how he's standing up for the middle class and the republican ticket is not. >> and before i let you go. white house released a recipe for beer they are brewing in the kitchen there and republican critics answered back with a daul for a different recipe. one for the economy. >> it was a few weeks ago i was with the president and he bought a round and shouted four more beers and the
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president let slip he had a private brew. they said they are making a honey porter brown and honey porter . right, republican critics like senator john cornyn who wanted to know about it and why do you care about it right now and why not put out a recipe for a economic plan and not beer. >> you wrote a blog and i invite our viewers to read it on fox just so we know bruce sounds good but not as good as you. >> you had to change the president's song ale to the chief instead of hail to the chief. >> we appreciate it. tomorrow on fox news sunday. chris wallace has an exclusive interest with david axelrod. and a senior obama
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administration appointee quit amid of allegation of inappropriate behavior. susan bar turned in her resignation and she called the allegations undesigned to destroy her reputation. she was the chief-of-staff for ice: she was accused of inappropriate behavior to employee. >> right now the flooding in louisiana. these images similar to what we saw after hurricane katrina. high level waters are just one concern. so much hope, that this would have been avoided but not so as you can see. no one is getting in the water on a stretch of a beautiful shore line this holiday weekend. kind of like the movie.
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to get your new volkswagen. that's the power of german engineering. >> fox weather alert. mandatory evacuation for people in louisiana. they are at risk for sudden flood waters from isaac. emergency crews bussing them out. a candal walk is about to fail. pictures are showing how devastating the situation is there. people are trying to salvage positions from the upper level. to make matters worse half mill yen people in louisiana are still in the dark after
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isaac knocked out power. what is done to reduce the threat of additional flooding. >> they are pumping water out of a swollen lake to relieve pressure on a dam that was damaged in the hurricane. they are finishing a large drain age ditch to carry water away from the damn and spilling it in nearby vacant fields. several communities in louisiana are evacuated to protect residents in case was a failure. in the flooded community of plaquemines parish they are making intentional breaches on levees, it will allow the flood waters flow away from the community. >> we are making a lot of
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progress and have a lot of work to do still. the plan is work has been working for the last three days. >> officials expect to have the flood waters gone from the break away community harris. >> shepherd smith was there last week and we saw images from the main corridors of new orleans and everything looked to be fine. we are seeing extra flood how does this compare with katrina. >> there was not a repeat of the flooding in the city of new orleans which is protected by a newly fortified army corp of engineers levee system. it was a different story outside of the federally protected levee system. we went across lake lake pontchartrain where we saw residents comparing water marks from hurricane isaac to those left by katrina.
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>> watch >> ov here was katrina. here is my mark where katrina was and this is my mark where isaac. >> so looking at all . flood damage that they received from the minor category 1 hurricane. residents living outside of the new orleans levee system are calling for similar levees to be built to protect their communities, harris. >> johnathon thank you very much. as the south cleans up. drought-plagued areas of the midwest and plains area seeing much needed rain from isaac. here is the problem. do you know pours could be too much too fast for the dry soil. it was so much so, it is on the move, not a hurricane or tropical storm. but chief meteorologist rick is in the weather center.
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>> we have to be careful with a small category one storm. it was huge. each storm is different and have different impacts and this has a slow-moving large storm has broadand far reaching impact. look out for severe weather in central illinois and stretched down to the red river valley area and a lot of those had tornado warnings with them at times today including a couple of tornado warningings . and during the area of the cape, you need to take cover. we'll see the storms continue to fire impressive line. along with that, we are getting significant rainfall totals pile up with this at times. that is where we are going to see localized flooding. the ground can't absorb it. anywhere you see the yellow and reds potentially four-six inches was rain.
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and by tomorrow afternoon, big rains moving in parts of the midatlantic area. harris, i quickly want to talk to you about the rest of the tropicings. hurricane kirk up there. we are not worried about it. this is tropical storm lelsely. forecast pulls it off to the northwest and shouldn't be an impact with a player in the west. you can see the bulls eye here and the models can't figure out what to do with it it stalls out and strengthens a bit. we'll see circles on the east coast. it is steering currents. and by the time we get to the middle and latter part of next week. >> you taught us that those things get stall you have to pay attention. rick, thank you very much. >> it is an organization that targeted americans in surprise attacks in places like afghanistan. now our government has never officially labeled it a terrorist group. could that change?
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also tragedy in a football stadium in a college opener. a man takes a fatal fall from the stand and landed on a fan.
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tragg dee marks the start of a football season. a man falms from the upper deck. georgia dome to his death. he landed on the top of another man who was sitting below. the man he landed on is
4:23 pm
expected to be okay. this comes one day after another man fell 60 seat from a fifth floor escalator in a preseason nfl game. as they treated the man at the game and he later died in the hospital. just when cape cod speech goers . a threat of a big white taking a bite out of the holiday business. it remains closed due to a string of great white sitings. shark sitings are not that unusual in cape cod. they feast on seals which are in a large abundance in summer mongs. >> we are waiting a decision on the terrorist organization
4:24 pm
who have launched attacks. militants linked are holding this man hostage. american soldier sergeant who is a prisoner of war since 2009. secretary of state hillary clinton has until september 9th to explain to congress why the pakistan hakani network is or is not a terrorist organization. members of the bajadeem was killed by a drone strike and are terrorist. but so far they are trying to weaken the militant group without pinning the word terrorist to them. >> we are targeting their military and resources and intelligence personnel . we are pressing the pakistanies to step up their own efforts. >> there is a debate of how to proceed with military brass pushing for the network to be
4:25 pm
a terrorist network. would that put pakistan on the cusp of being labeled a state sponsor of terrorism. and one official said the optics of desinating and it is a expression of sentiment but everyone has to come down and say what does it do. even if the state department called the haqqani network is a terrorist organization, it could create a wrinkle in alreadyy complicated peace talks with the taliban. >> peter, thank you. >> and five suspected militants kim would in a drone strike in pakistan. they are firing at a house. it is an area where the haqqani network is known to operate. it is not yet known if the militants were part of the group. the area has seen an
4:26 pm
insurgence of groups demanding more rightings. >> all signs indicate a tight presidential race. neither side is taking support for granted and to that end. republicans woo one voting block. his panics. what is the gov strategy to get their support. >> it served as a back drop for many momentings. an american treasure once again open after a two-year renovation projects. we'll check in. these work, right? no. mom! look what i found in the shed! no! no! no! ♪
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>> a terrorist attack and our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. afghanistan. at least 12 people dead in the two bombings . nato saying no american or coalition troops were killed and the taliban claimed responsibility and saying that the u.s. military base was the target . bosnia. a state of emergency declared as forest fires threaten homes and residents joining firefighters to gain control over the flames and the fire chief on the verge of real
4:30 pm
disaster if aerial assistant doesn't soon. spain putting out hot spots and wildfires in the sol region. one person dead and 4,000 people forced to evacuate. 600 square miles of land burned in the worst wildfires season ever. mexico, mommy's grab your turtles. female turtles making the trip to the beach and digging deep holes and laying eggs befored hading back out to sea. that is a wrap on this fox trip in the world in 80 seconds. >> i am harris falker. it is the report. isaac is gone. but the damage to louisiana not over yet. brand new video shows flooded
4:31 pm
homes and people forced to await rescue from roop tops. evacuation is in affect over fears of a lock on a flood caninal could fail. governor mitt romney rolling in florida. and congressman paul ryan is also there. they attacked president obama's proposed cut to the military . president obama making a pair of stops in the swing state of the iowa where he attacked governor mitt romney for offering well worn and outdated ideas he said will not work. the president ending in the democratic national convention in charlotte, next. >> republicans in ohio promising to appeal a federal judge's ruling that grants a request to give all votersses an ability to vote in person three days before the election. ohio early voting law applied
4:32 pm
to only military servicemen and women and people living over seas it is it a win for the obama campaign. >> the president's reelection campaign is pleased with the court's decision . the federal judge told ohio that it cannot implimit the law that ends in person voting except for military and overseas. they say it seemed to value some voters over other and hurt low income and minority voters. one lawmaker was concerned that it would limit people's ability to vote. >> if you are a registered voters, you shouldn't have a public official saying we'll cut your hours and make it more difficult to vote. court decision i think put that to rest. >> again, barring additional
4:33 pm
legal maneuver, the state of ohio cannot implement that new law, harris. >> i understand that the phot fight is not over yet. >> ohio state general are defending the law. they say many states have laws that grant voting accommodations to military personnel and election boards need three days before the election to prepare. they say that the states should have the right to set the time of election . there aimle opportunity for everyone to vote. voters will be able to vote absentee and for the first time ohio secretary of state is mailing out absentee ballot applications to every registered voters to ohio. dewine plans to appeal. and fastest growing voting
4:34 pm
block in recent years. republicans are working to change that. chief national correspondant jim angle has the story. republicans have a problem with hispanics. brad bailey who owns the restaurant knows better than most. >> how can you support republicans? you know, when they don't like hispanics and latinings. that is not true. >> oh, no, they don't like hispanics. the reason they feel that way even though they are citizens is the tone over the immigration that demonize honest hispanics looking for a job. >> one issue on immigration is what damages all of the republican party brand among hispanics and latinos . we are our own worst economy. >> some will walk hundreds of miles through the desert and braving rattlesnakes and human
4:35 pm
trafficers have conservative values and deserve sympathy and legal options for work. >> the reason they brave the desert and put their lives in the hands of them is because the system is broken. >> bailey and others crafted a way to help by supporting that and a big guest worker program. the gop reflects that a republican administration will consider in light of the current need and historic practice the utility of reliable relator through a guest worker program. they could only take jobs americans would not and could not be citizens. such programs exist in agriculture but don't work. >> you have to go through four different offices and by the time you get the visa, your change is over. >> a change might help republicans who worry about
4:36 pm
the economic issues. 48 percent of the hispanics say the economy is most important . immigration was only at 23 percent. >> and president bush proposed immigration reform . won 44 percent of the hispanic vote . romney gets only 28 percent. republicans hope makes the immigration less vitriolic might help their standing with hispanic votersings. >> a senior iranian official reports that the first nuclear reactor reached full generating capacity. they want to be technological giants among muslimb nations. the u.s. anderal claim it is designed to put out nuclear weapons. iran and korea sign happened a pact. details was that is a secret it is likely to heighten tensions between the two rogue
4:37 pm
and the west. the u.s. accused korea of providing iran with advanced missile technology. >> war of words between apple and sam sung rages on. samsung is launching a new attack accusing the rival by limiting choice by halting the smart phone here in the united states. that is what apple said infringed on patens. last month samsung had to pay for copy patens. >> and one of washington's most picturesque and important memorial is a welcome site. after undergoing a major face lift. the famous pool is open for business. >> cutting through fence
4:38 pm
revealing the new look for an old site in our nation's capt cament. >> i never have been here before and i was excited that they cut the chain down. >> wow. >> they are getting a peek in the reflecting pool and original part of the lincoln memorial. back in 1963, crowds surrounded the pool for martin luther king jr.'s historical i have a dream speech. it has been out of commission and leak in need of repair. crews tore it up and fenced it in to the public. two years later, construction experts are quite proud. >> all of the substructures and drains and inlets and storm drains were still in the ground . you putations in you run into things no one knows about. no wading allowed but you can stick your feet in. >> political world turning their attention to north
4:39 pm
carolina where polls are tight. we are live in charlotte ahead of the democratic national convention . reted naturey seal and cancer survivor taking on one of the toughest races on the planet. you are watching the most powerful name in newings, fox news channel . look, i don't play 'bout my facial hair. if i grow this out a little bit, i look too much like an english country gent... naaah. a little this way and i feel like i'm from outer space. this and i feel like a viking... [ roars ] not my style, man.
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>> tonight's final preparations underway in charlotte, north carolina . democrats will outline what a second term for president obama might look like. and north carolina one of the key battle ground states are stating that the voters voted for president in 2008. mike emanuel is there . president obama took aim at governor romney and that was
4:42 pm
his line of attack. harris, the line of attack. the republicans offered an old agenda to use a television term, it was a rerun and president obama even suggested you could have watch today on a black and white tv. here is the president critiquing the republican convention . >> let me recap it for you. everything bad is obama's fault and governor romney is the only one who knows the secret to creating jobs and growing the economy. that the pitch. there was a lot of talk about hard truths and bold choices. but no one bothered to tell you what they were. cthe president said when he comes here to charlotte. he will offer a better path forward and ultimately vores will decide which path they would like to choose, harris. >> hand cap it for me.
4:43 pm
if you hold your convention in a particular city or state. is that where you are hoping to win. >> they are hope will give them a bump. historically the democrats won half . states and lost half of them . all of the polling suggest it is a tough raca as well. recent polls of north carolina suggest that mitt romney leads by 7-10ths. a razor thin marge and i know other numbers. unemployment in north carolina is 9.6 percent above the national average and president obama backed gay marriage even though voters here in north carolina voted to ban it there are other number to consider as well. it is going to be a tough fight for north carolina. host in charl lot. you will clearly hope to get a bump and democrats hope it
4:44 pm
will propel them to a win. congressman paul ryan who is a vice-president cand date will be on the other side of the state on monday. something that we saw vice-president biden try to do in florida during the time . republican national convention and it didn't work out because of isaac. >> that's right. clearlyy both parties are planing to contest the state. in trying to get the precious votes in november. >> thank you very much. new details in a deadly workplace shooting. the suspect an exmarine reportedlyy tweeted three years on twitter about wanting to kill his co-workerings. tielerr opened fire inside of a new jersey super market killing two coworkers and killed himself. they discovered a post that reads "is it normal to want to kill all of your co-workers?"
4:45 pm
yikings. tyler started to work at that store. at 23 years old, he was struggling with depression. >> teenagers leaving a sweet 16 party on a bus and the unthinkable happens. it is our top fox story across america . >> new jersey, that party bus had just gotten off of the george bridge and carrying dozens of kids from the party. a 16 year old boy opened the hatch and with his head sticking out the bus went over a concrete overpass. he died in the hospital. colordo. three explosions rocking the same denver neighborhood. home video capturing the aftermath and crews responding to a huge fire burning behind a garage. propane take're tankings smode and one person was hurt but
4:46 pm
expected to recover. illinois, a chicago man, finally free after 17 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. >> i have been locked up so long, you know, it has been a uphill battle you know. am finally here now, free. >> the man went away for murder in 1995. and he maintained his innocence the entire time and going free after new dna evidence cleared his name. i have to thank god for keeping me safe through the trials and tribulations and my life begins now . massachusetts, not one, but two rare catches on display in a sea food market. a blue lobster and another one with three claws . workers say they will nolt end up on anybody's dinner plate. >> we'll keep them on display so everybody can see them.
4:47 pm
no one will eat these guys. >> this is probably my favorite story in the news. a remarkable story. a cancer survivor lieutenant officer is hours away from completing a half mara thon in virginia. what makes the retired navy seal's run more special . every breath he takes in the 13 mile race will be with donated lungs. it is been two years. yes, the ordeal slowed him down. but he doesn't plan on stopping in tomorrow's race. curead more about his race. lieutenant commander, we salute you. >> it is a beautiful place but with a problem. how many people are expose to a killer virus in yosemite
4:48 pm
national park? and one woman, one night, four mug shots. she's in a heap of trouble. and apparently, it all started with acdc. she likes this song a lot. ♪ [ singing ] ♪ on the highway to -- ♪ i'm on the highway to -- ♪ and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime. so that wherever your duty takes you, usaa bank goes with you. visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different.
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>> here's an update fromiosiose national park. confirming 10,000 guests may have been exposed to a deadly
4:52 pm
mouse born virus this summer. they are sending out warnings. two people have died and four otherings ill. park rangers taking 1,000 phone calls a day from terrified visitors looking for answers. anna you have been looking into what do we know about what is spreading. >> harris, it is the hanta viruss . campers may not know they have it. centers for disease control warning that visitors who stayed in the cabins could be at risk. hanta virus is carried in the feces and urin and starts with shortness was breath and cough and progressing to respiratory failure. >> hanta virus has 38 percent and more than one-third of the people will die. >> i know i had my dad calling me and he was concern body it. >> it seems low risk.
4:53 pm
but if you get it, it is serious. >> it is something we are talking about. >> park officials closed the luxury cabins on said the double wall design made it easy for the mice to be in the wall. >> one-third of the people who get it die. that is chilling. yosemite has dealt with problems like this before. >> there was a 2010 report warned that rodent infections effort should be increased after a visitor fell ill. while they took step to deal with a rodent problem. there are limitation given the wilderness location. two epidemologist are working to see why their rodent population is larger that year. >> once they are 100 percent mouseproof we'll move visitors back into them. we don't know when that will happen. >> people should never sweep or mouse dropping and spray
4:54 pm
them with bleach and water and wipe up with paper towels or mop. would you want to go in those cabins? >> i can only imagine. i know professionals have cleaned them and i can't imagine people unprotected doing it. anna, keep us updated. >> a woman in new hampshire, this is an understatement had a bad day. arrested not once or twice, but four times in divor hours for playing loudd music and throwing a frying pan. police responded after complaints of loud tunes. when they arrived, they order had classic acdc song highway to hell. blaring. and arrested her and they came back and the music was on. that is number two. and she was arrested for the time. five hours later bad music and arrested a third time and again loud music and this time
4:55 pm
guns and roses. the final arrest came after a 911 call from her nephew that she threw a frying pan at him. judge suggest that coffee get a good set of ear phones for her music. she is held on 10,000 bail. could be waived if she undergoes psychological testing. >> both presidential campaigns are stopping in battle ground stations today it is politicings. a recap for the fox story and remembering a legend. a man whose music we all know died today. look at the stellar career of hal david. ♪ ♪ i will love you.
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♪ what the world needs now is love sweet love. ♪ it's the only thing that there is just too little of. >> ah. legendary song write are hal davis passed away. he partered to write television shows and songs and variety of recording. hal davis was behind raindrops keep falling on my head and close to you. and s songs were sung by the great bettles and frank sin atra and neal diamond. he won a number of oscar.
4:59 pm
hal davis died from a complications from a stroke in los angeles. he was 91 years old. >> governor mitt romney and congressman paul ryan trying to win over the voters in florida. in jacksonville. florida went for president obama in be you. republicans believe they can turn that state red once again. president obama on the way to the democratic conscrention in iowa today. he won iowa and six electorial votes back in 2008. that's how fox reports on saturday. 66 days until the election. wow. it is heating up. im harris falker. thanks for watching . my night is just getting started. i will see you halfway through huckabee. heating up his politics and

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